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Best Health Application For Android Smartphone

Health problems can happen to anyone. No exception you are daily struggling with the gadget. Unhealthy lifestyle also affects the health condition. As a precautionary measure, you can usually consult a doctor or people skilled in the art to check your health. However, of course you need to spend some money to be spent.

With no technological developments in smartphone applications, now you no longer need to check or consult about health to others. There are several health applications that you can use for the purposes of daily living. Like what? Here's the best Android health app.

1. iCare Monitor - Blood Pressure Measurement Tool

The best android health applications have the main features of measuring blood pressure, heart rate measurement, and blood oxygen measurements and much more. how to use it very easily you are instructed to close the rear camera HP with your fingers and ensure that the camera is completely closed, hold and wait until the results come out.

2. GO-DOK - Consultation Doctor

This healthcare application focuses on a doctor's inquiry service where you can consult about health and lifestyle issues. There is also health information terudapte and tell the location of the clinic and the nearest lab in the area where you live. The advantage when you show that you know the location of the GO-DOK, then you will get a decent discount.

3. What Is My Sickness - Diagonose Disease

as the name suggests, this best health application provides information about the diagnosis of a disease. You will be informed of the symptoms of the disease you may or may be experiencing. What's My Illness will tell you about the facts and myths about the disease, give you a general idea of ​​what causes, tips and steps you should take when diagnosed by an illness.

4. Flo - Menstrual Calendar and Ovulation

Flo is the best health application in the form of a health calendar and ovulation calculator. You can track the menstrual cycle that produces accurate prediction data and can paste when the last menstrual period. this application can also record symptoms, mood and know the health of women.

5. Vacca - Monitoring Children's Health

Vacca is a child health application that can help a mother control the health of their children. this best health application comes with a timeline that can be used to share knowledge, parenting, and health tips for toddlers. There are also features to record the growth of children, weight, height and to mark when the immunization schedule is done.

6. MedicaBoo - Inpatient Room Booking

MedicaB00 application provides services in the form of booking or message the first inpatient room in Indonesia. You can also consult and make an appointment with a doctor. So you no longer need to wait or not given certainty when you can meet with a doctor who wants to meet. You can also be offered a consulting offer that is discounted up to 50% via this app.

7. Gizigizi - Nutrition and Health

For those of you who have problems about weight, adjust your diet for everyday dietary purposes or want to know some dietary taboos that should not be eaten, you can use the Gizigizi application. You can also consult your nutritional problems and will soon be answered by people who hali in their field. The information provided by Gizigizi complies with WHO and IJCN standards.

That's 7 Best Health Applications On Android Phone that you can all download. Immediately take advantage of these various health applications to make your life easier. May be useful!