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LifeAfter Major Update 28 April 2022 | New Manor, New Map, DH Season 11

4.28 Life After Major Update

1. Frenzy Plant Mode unlocked, location Miska Town

2. Level limiter increased to 130, Manor Level limiter increased to 26, release of Level 120 Equipment formula fusion and craftables, Half price formula fusion, Compilation level increased to Level 8.

3. Death High Season 11, Training Arena Season 7

4. New Level 11 map will be added, Levin City and Dawn District will now drop Lv.12 lootable (for those above Gathering 120), New pvp map for cross server players

5. New daily Area Operation: One new AO for Gathering 120, location Mista Town, elite mode will be unlocked for Gathering 126; One for Gathering 93, location Lesin Port, elite mode will be unlocked for Gathering 96.

6. Shield and Hat stats can be enhanced by equiping the enhancement chips, Attachment level limiter will be increased to 25, adjusted(lowered) the parts needed for each levels accordingly. 

7.New gene traits will be unlocked.

Summer furniture: Gacha, more gachaa!

8. New Jetpack/Diffuser in gacha event? (Sorry I am not sure here)

9. Horoscope - Gemini vehicle gacha.

10. Return of Lucky Ox and collector edition Deep Abyss outfits.

11. Golden tickets to exchange for various type of rewards, Duo Training restarts.


1. Fixed the mechanism of voting kicking system.

2. Fixed the damage indicator system.

Source: LifeAfter Indonesia, LifeAfter Official

Writer: Rescued From Milestone Server