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LifeAfter Big Update 28 April 2022

Information Update notice on April 28 LifeAfter
1: New shield accessories : ionization core ( increase the shield limit of the shield ) , biological outer box ( increase the damage reduction ) , energy storage battery ( increase the shield recovery speed ) The highest grade is purple , open to the 9th grade grade I.

2: New hat accessories : fiber interlayer ( increase damage reduction ) , anti - impact pad ( reduce the duration of negative effects ) , biological jaw guard ( reduce head shot damage received ) , the highest rank is purple , currently open to 9th grade order.

3: The manor level has been increased to 26. The upper limit of the level is 130. According to the manor level , new weapon SCARL assault rifle , L115A3 sniper rifle , imperial saber , chrome lion armor , equipped with their paints and added to the ultimate synthesis and 120 exclusive synthesis.

4: Added grade9 armor , hat , shield , weapon accessories.
5: The new map Jekadelin , Lengshan Fenglin " Original Lengshan Blood Forest " , Xifeng Pass , Folun College District ( the original Folun University City , where Lukadeline Beefish Lengshan Fenglin is level 11 ) Expand the map , the Fengfengkou Yufu Lun Academy area is a 12 - level map , and the Caiwen City opens a 120 - level sub - line , and you can enter when the battle level reaches 120. Players with insufficient levels can team up with the open players to enter . But it is not possible to enter . Access to resources.

6: Added 6grade area action : Ghost Shadow : The gather level is open at level 96 , and the opening location : Ghost Shadow Mountain : The shadows of the Ghost Shadow Mountain are continuous . The trade alliance detected the high frequency signal of Heimdall in the Ghost Shadow Mountain and decided to send survivors Investigate , unexpectedly encounter a powerful enemy , and the crisis is at hand ! Clearance conditions : Defeat the final special infected body , failure conditions : all members fall to the ground at the same time or challenge timeout.

9: Added Level 7 Regional Action : Lost Sea : Gather level 106 and release , release location : Lessing Harbor : Lazarov lost contact when he went to the sea to investigate Heimdall's whereabouts , and a signal was sent to the unknown after forging . In the sea , the Science and thought it through and thought it contained undisclosed information , so it was ready to enter the mall to search ! Clearance conditions : Defeat the final special infected body , failure : all members fall to the ground at the same time or challenge super.

8: Added 122 level Federation Operation : military bases , the alliance between the empire and other forces gradually collapsed , revealing its greedy ambitions , the revenent , the church , the science and technology association and the trade alliance decided to jointly conduct a crusade , but the empire sent its advanced humanoid war Weapons , the alliance suffered heavy losses , mobilize the survivors and destroy them ! Clearance conditions : Defeat all special infected bodies , failure conditions : all members fall to the ground at the same time or challenge timeout.

9: Gene Modification increases super potential , and combat level 110 is turned on.

10: The camp has opened a new era , the era of artificial intelligence , the appearance of the new camp , the new camp building : guard base , new technology : automatic guard : when the camp is invaded , it will automatically send 2 robot guards from the guard base to block , advanced technology : Advanced Guard , Smart Patrol Guard : New Technology : Smart Weapon.

11: New regeneration reagent for revenent : Chase : Deduct 15 % of the current health value , increase the damage by 25 % , and the deducted life will recover at a speed of 1 % within 15 seconds ( can be superimposed with other effects ) , if If the life is full , it will be converted into shield value ).

12: New gameplay in Levin City : Vehicle combat , 2 players team up to participate , open once every 2 hours , players who have not completed will be prompted by a pop - up window , 15 minutes before the event starts , you can go to two evacuation points to find Gray Sign up to participate : Players will team up with two people to shoot vehicles ( if there is no two - person vehicle trade alliance , the Pegasus experience version will be provided , and it will be invalid after leaving ) . If you reach the corresponding score , you will get combat proficiency , special research materials for the corresponding level , and gold bars . Rewards such as new dollar.

source youtube: 明日之後攻略