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Magic Sentry function in Mobile Legends?

 Moonton again surprised with the latest "innovation" of features in the Mobile Legends game called Magic Sentry. This feature is present in the Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.20 Update. (19/09/22)

Maybe, new MOBA players in Mobile Legends will be confused by this feature and ask what is the function of Magic Sentry in Mobile Legends? For those who don't know, here we will explain in detail.

What is Magic Sentry in Mobile Legends?

Before entering into the Magic Sentry function, it would be nice to know about the meaning of Magic Sentry first.

Sentry in its translation means guard. So, if translated literally, Magic Sentry means guards who have magical powers.

Sentry forms vary. In Dota 2, he's like a stick with eyes. In Mobile Legends, it looks like a Crystal. This crystal will shoot light like fireworks.

What is the function of Magic Sentry in Mobile Legends?

Well, after knowing the meaning of Magic Sentry, then you might be a little confused about what the function of Magic Sentry in Mobile Legends is. Its function, of course, is to protect us.

Magic Sentry will create vision or vision around our Jungle for 6 seconds. So, we can find out where the enemy is hiding.

Magic Sentry in Mobile Legends can only be used when the team loses the Side Inner Turret (2nd Tower on the left or right). So, if your Inner Turret has not been destroyed, then Magic Sentry cannot be activated. This item will not be active if the Inner Turret is destroyed in the middle. You can find Magic Sentry on the back side of the Base wall.

So, Magic Sentry is intended for you Mobile Legends players who don't understand macro or can't predict enemy movements. You can later use Magic Sentry to determine whether there are enemies in the Jungle bush in our area or not.