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How to Create a Pivot Table in Google Sheets

bussidv37.xyz - Google Sheets is a web-based software, also known as cloud computing, which is owned by Google. Google Spreadsheets are commonly used to create data in the form of tables related to numbers as well as in simple calculations to data processing. 

The advantage of using Google Sheets itself is that it is easier to collaborate with other people. This is because Google Sheets itself is cloud computing so it is easy to collaborate and also the downloaded data is lighter and more flexible. 

In processing data in Google Sheets, you may need a pivot table for a more interactive presentation of data.

A pivot table is an interactive table that displays a summary of the existing data, so using this pivot table can make it easier to understand the data you are presenting.

Then how to create a pivot table in Google Sheets?

  1. Open the Google Sheets that have the data you want to turn into a pivot table 
  2. Select the table containing the source data you want
  3. Choose Insert > Pivot Table 
  4. A new sheet will open and the Pivot Table editor section will appear on the right side of the screen
  5. Choose one of the suggested pivot tables at the top of the Pivot Table Editor to apply it to your data 
  6. Select Add if you want to create a Pivot Table manually
  7. Select Add in the filter area and select “condition or value” to filter the data 
  8. To sort a column or row, you can select “order” or “sort by” in the pivot table editor panel section and select the options you want to apply. 
  9. Select the “Show Total” checkbox to display column or row totals

This is an explanation of how to create a pivot table in Google Sheets. Hope it can be useful!