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Mod Map India and Bangladesh Bussid V3.7

bussidv37.xyz - hello friends, you can update bussid bussid version 3.7, now this time the admin will share a mod map of India and Bangladesh for the bussid v3.7 update, in this mod map there are 25 destinations that you can explore what else you guys you can use the tourism mode for the purpose of entertainment or recreation on this bussid india and bangladesh map, to be able to use it you must first update your Indonesian version of the bus simulator game before using this India and Bangladesh mod map.

Bussid v3.7 has been updated since August 4, 2022 where the latest version presents a tourism mode (taking passengers directly from the terminal) it's very cool and exciting isn't it, of course for those of you who want to use this Kalimantan mod map, I've provided the link below and don't forget to always visit the bussidv37.xyz site, the latest collection of mod maps, bussid mods and bussid livery

Mod Map India and Bangladesh Bussid v3.7: Download