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LifeAfter Season 5 Ocean Version Update in Agustus 2022

This August, we will be visiting the Ocean!🌊🚢
Let's have a look at what we already know from the test version (everything below is based on contents from the test version, and may be changed in the final version)
The upcoming ocean area is larger than we expected, even comparable to the volume of the world restart in season 3.
The water visuals and effects are upgraded and look so fantastic and real! 💧
Except for sailing on the ocean, there are various islands or mysterious areas you can explore among the sea areas. you will find Crystal Island, volcanoes, submarine sunken ships, and so on!⛵
At last, I found that there are lighthouses on some islands. Only through the lighthouses can you go home, just like the helicopter we use on the land map.
These are only a glimpse of what’s coming on august, there will be so many surprises waiting for us.

 LifeAfter Ocean Version

Older maps show that there is a safe, free area further south of Santopany.
Will the unexplored sea be hope for the future of humankind?
But how to get there? How to survive at sea?
What kind of danger is lurking in the sea is also a mystery.

Major Update Preliminary Test
Implemented a vast sea map (unknown sea area) further south of the current map
Various isolated islands are generated in unknown sea areas
Sea area sweepstakes
Land and water bikes will be distributed for a limited time
Defeat special infected on an isolated island in an unknown sea area.

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