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How To Join LifeAfter NGP ( Netease Gamer Premium )

🥳GOOD NEWS: Come and join NGP(Netease Games Premium), enjoy the exclusive benefits and privileges for survivors! 🎁
If you meet one of the following standards, do not hesitate to become a formal member of NGP:
1. Achiv.Pts reach 850
2. Possess more than 2 Collector's Edition Formulas
3. Possess more than 1 Drone with a collector's edition skin
You can find more info about NGP and apply for joining NGP through the official website below.
Looking forward to your arrival in NGP!

And how to join members netease gamer Premium? follow the steps to register through the game temporarily. 

Steps 1
Step 2: Open Menu Wiki Ingame
Step 3: select menu join NGP
Steps 4: Enter your email to register
Step 5: Confirmation Email Verification
and congrats you are now a member of the premium netease gamer member, you can directly login to get benefits according to your current level on the official website Netease Gamer Premiun

then are there any advantages when we register netease premium gamers? of course there are benefits that you will get when you become a premium member, the benefits you can see in more detail in the picture below huh hehe
that's how to register to become a premium gamer netease member, hopefully it's useful. greetings from me Rescued from Milestone

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