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How To Join Events LifeAfter Sport Buff

Hello survivors, this time I will share a tutorial on how to participate in these "Sport Buff" events. These events start from 11-17 March 2022, how to join is very easy, first you have to click "Join" which is on the Wiki - You can see the Sport Buff in the image below.
after you press the "Join Now" button you participate in the event and can immediately collect points to get the rewards. 

The rewards are: Polymer, Special Points, New Dollars, Folmula Shard and Backpack NGP 30hrs and that's according to the points you collected during the event and for the number of points that you can see on the Wiki Menu in the game in the "Sport Buff" menu. 

The way to get the points is: 
1.Login Game 
2.Play For 30 Minutes 
3. Spend 100 Bait/Suncoind 
4.Fishing Fish 3 
5. Fishing Koi Fish 1 
6. Shoot the Ballon/Range in the camp (here you must have a camp to participate) 

For complete information, you can directly see the info on the Wiki Menu - Sport Buff Ets you can also get additional rewards for those of you who have joined NGP (Netease Game Premium) Points will be calculated during the event, exactly 7 day. 

That's how to take part in the LifeAfter "Sports Fan" event, hopefully it will be useful. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a message in the comments column greetings from the Rescued milestone server.