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Download Fading City Apk Terbaru Android

Download Fading City Apk Terbaru Android

Fading City is set against the backdrop of a zombie invasion

Weidu City was engulfed in an unknown blue fog. The gathering of all modern civilizations demonstrates both humanity’s previous glory and its fragility. The city was destroyed by a zombie invasion. Under the menace of them, humanity assembled, ready to fight. How would humanity survive if a major tragedy struck a modern city?

layers must carefully manage how to consume/use their supplies and energy in the harsh atmosphere of doomsday. Each squad will be pitted against dozens of zombies at once or a high-risk zombie that is nearly the size of a building. Fading City by NetEase Games features a vast number of dungeons with a variety of gameplay aspects and difficulty levels for players to tackle.

Explore the ruins of Fading City and build your safe shelter against the zombies in the long night

Players in Fading City must employ a variety of skills and strategies. Guns and other weapons can be customized to create various combat effects. Players can try a number of strategies, including covert assassination, trap-making, and teaming up to battle zombies, in addition to the exhilarating shooting.

The game supports 2-4 multi-players. Players can build up their own team and explore in the ruins of the vast city of one million square meters, with the puzzles hidden and unknown treasures scattered in every corner of the city, players can work together with their teammates and search for more resources, weapons, and equipment to build a safer shelter! For additional information, the players can visit the official website.

Package Namecom.netease.cityna
Op. SystemAndroid
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AuthorNetease Games Global
Size1.09 GB