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Undawn Release Date, and What You Should Create

 A few weeks ago, Tencent announced that they will make an open world game that will be available for 3 platforms namely Android, iOS, and PC. The game that was reportedly developed by the team that made PUBG Mobile will have the name Undawn, and for those of you who are curious about the game, following bussidv37.xyz will provide a little information that we know about Undawn.

What is Undawn?

Undawn is a new game from Tencent which has an open world co-op action survival game genre, where players will live in a world full of zombies. Players must try to survive from that world, and zombies are not the only obstacle, because with limited resources, you also have to kill each other's survivors.

Undawn uses a PvE system with zombies, and a PvP system with other players. Players can work with each other to improve their survivability. Create a house or shelter, and together look for resources that can be used to make weapons to fight zombie hordes, or other naughty players.

Not only that, there are various missions that can be done to overcome these two problems, and Undawn will present unique and interesting mechanics for players who are interested in living in this world full of obstacles.

When will Undawn be released?

Currently, the release of Undawn has not been officially announced by Tencent. However, it is known that Tencent announced that they are working hard to release Undawn on iOS, Android and PC by the end of 2021 this year. However, we might get a pre-alpha test soon for some places on Android. This means that the release of the game will arrive at the end of this year, because generally the release of a big game like this generally starts from a pre-alpha test, Alpha Test, beta test, until it is finally released for sure.


In Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia itself, Undawn will be handled by Garena, who is already famous for Battle royale games like Free Fire before. The location is rumored to be getting a Pre-alpha test, and if you are interested in trying it, you can immediately register yourself on TapTap right now.

There you will get more information and details related to how to play the Undawn game before its release on the Play Store for sure. But you need to know that all the data and progress that you have done before will be deleted in this pre-alpha test.

Free to Play or not?

Given that Undawn involves linking Tencent and Garena in the release of the game, it is not surprising that this game will become a Free-to-play game in the future. Both of them have been famous for various multiplayer games similar to this Undawn game before.

Unfortunately, we don't know exactly how this game will be monetized in the future. Will players get an energy system like the LifeAfter game, or monetize existing materials. However, we will update potential players who are interested in this game in the future.